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Since January 2021, our team has been working with faculty who have applied to our Open@RIT fellowship program for assistance developing communities around their Open Work. Our interdisciplinary LibreCorps team of designers, technical writers, developers, and social media managers assisted in designing more effective pipelines for contribution. Our work often resulted in sustainability plans that our fellows utilized in further grant funding applications to grow and sustain their research.

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Shanchieh Yang

Attack Strategy Synthesis for Enhanced Threat Recognition

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Public Interest Technology in Tribal Communities

Paul Shipman

Providing funds to connect scientists with projects proposed by native communities

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Compact Binaries

Manuela Campanelli

Computational Astrophysics

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Steven Yi

A Sound and Music Computing System

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Todd Pagano

The Journal of Science Education for Students With Disabilities

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MINT - Interactive Video Vignettes

Robert Teese

Online tools that incorporate evidence-based teaching strategies to address known areas of confusion for entering students

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My Conservation Life

Scott Hawker

An Open Data Project with the Seneca Park Zoo

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J A Stephen Viggiano

Tools for Digital Color Imaging

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Michelle Harris

Contributions of Tutorials and Exercises to P5.js

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Test Smells

Mohamed Wiem Mkaouer

Improving the usability of detecting bad testing practices

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Sean Grass

Victorian Autobiography Information Network

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Vitis Pathways

Michael Osier

VitisPathways provides the analytical methods in a tool to guide understanding of experimental results in Vitis genetics.

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Vulnerability History Project

Andy Meneely

VHP is a museum of mistakes to help us engineer secure software

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World Around You

Christopher Kurz

A Deaf Education Literacy Platform

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