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Zotero Collection on Open Work >

For those interested in learning more about open source and Open Work, we’ve compiled our online public collection of references and resources on Zotero. Browse through a variety of articles, essays, and more that we’ve collected, plenty to provide both introductions and in-depth explanations about specialized open topics.

We try to refresh this at least three times a year, subscribe to our RSS feed or mailing list to be updated when new content is added.

Intro to Owning Your IP - Lecture Slides >

Introducing open work to students is a great way to create new open communities. To help with that, we have created a quick slideshow lecture designed to familiarize RIT students with owning their IP in general and ways to learn more and get involved at RIT. The last several slides have been organized by college to make it easy for you to customize it so download it and modify it to your heart’s content.