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Disseminating Your Open Work

When Considering Sharing Your Work to the World

Work developed by RIT Employees (faculty, staff, and students being paid to work on RIT projects) can be released so long as:

Students own their own IP as long as it has not been funded through the university or its partners. If a student wishes to have their Open Work officially associated with RIT the release must follow RIT’s policies. If a student’s project is to be released as a personal project, they may still want to follow these steps.

Preparing for Release

Regardless of the specific type of work, it should be held to a standard of care to ensure legibility, accessibility, ease of understanding, and further contribution. At Open@RIT, we will have templates and boilerplate documents available by the beginning of summer 2022.

Here’s our recommended pre-release checklist:

Name your project uniquely enough to avoid:

Scrub the project content itself and its related website, documentation, and comments of:

Include a README file in the repository or section of the documentation or website that:

Include a LICENSE file in the repository or a place in the documentation or website that:

Include a CONTRIBUTING file in the repository or a place in the documentation or website that:

If the project includes third party work under policies such as Fair Use, CCL, OSSL, etc, it must be credited within the project.

Free and Open Source Software

Open Hardware Licenses

Arts, Humanities, and Related Works

Open Access

Open Data