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Stephen Jacobs's headshot Stephen Jacobs

School of Interactive Games & Media

Stephen Jacobs is a professor with the School of Interactive Games and Media and an interdisciplinary scholar who works in several different areas that often overlap including Free and Open Source Software and Free Culture. Digital Humanities, Game Design and History and Interactive Narrative. He also holds the position of Visiting Scholar at The Strong National Museum of Play. His Open Work has been funded by The Ford Foundation, UNICEF Innovation, Red Hat Inc, Northern Telecom and AT&T. Professor Jacobs received the Provost’s Award for Excellence in Faculty Mentoring for 2019-2020.

Asst. Director

Michael Nolan's headshot Michael Nolan


Mike Nolan serves as the Assistant Director of Open@RIT. A former RIT alum, he went on to work in the tech industry at companies such as GIPHY and Mozilla. He then proceeded to work in the humanitarian aid sector abroad (Jordan & UK) for organizations such as the International Rescue Committee and UNICEF. He continues to pursue his mission of technology and social good by helping lead RIT’s open programs center.

Present LibreCorps Members

Emi Simpson's headshot Emi Simpson
Full Stack Developer
Django Skorupa's headshot Django Skorupa
UI/UX Designer
Chris Ference's headshot Chris Ference
UI/UX Designer
Peter Hogya's headshot Peter Hogya
Product Manager
Suhas CV's headshot Suhas CV
Full Stack Developer

Past LibreCorps Members

Urvashi Kokate's headshot Urvashi Kokate
UI/UX Designer
Quinn Foster's headshot Quinn Foster
Rahul Jaiswal's headshot Rahul Jaiswal
User Experience Designer
Julia Hawley's headshot Julia Hawley
UX Designer
Shanée Gordon's headshot Shanée Gordon

Advisory Board

Matthew Bernius's headshot Matthew Bernius
Principle User Researcher
Code for America
BS New Media Publishing, RIT ‘96
Deb Nicholson's headshot Deb Nicholson
Interim Director
The Open Source Initiative
Silona Bonewald's headshot Silona Bonewald
Executive Director
IEEE Standards Association
Mel Chua's headshot Mel Chua
ABD, Purdue, School of Engineering Education

Ihudiya Finda Ogbonnaya-Ogburu's headshot Ihudiya Finda Ogbonnaya-Ogburu
HCI Researcher (PhD candidate)
University of Michigan School of Information
BS, Information Technology, RIT 2010
Remy DeCausemaker's headshot Remy DeCausemaker
BS & MS, School of Independent Study, RIT '08, '13

Nithya Ruff's headshot Nithya Ruff
Board Director & Head of Open Source
Comcast, Inc
Justin W. Flory's headshot Justin W. Flory
FOSS Technical Advisor
UNICEF Innovation
B.S. Networking & Systems Administration, Minor, Free & Open Source Software & Free Culture, RIT 202
Justin Sherrill's headshot Justin Sherrill
DragonFly BSD
Information Technology Masters, 2002
Wilfried Hounyo's headshot Wilfried Hounyo
Software Engineer
Zendesk, INc
BS in Computer Science
Kyle Suero's headshot Kyle Suero
Application Security Engineer III
BS, Computing Security, RIT, 2019
Jenn Kotler's headshot Jenn Kotler
UX Designer
Space Telescope Science Institute
BS Medical Illustration, RIT 2014
Tom Callaway's headshot Tom Callaway
Principal Open Source
Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
Ruth Suehle's headshot Ruth Suehle
Director, Software Engineering
Global, RedHat
Chris Aniszczyk's headshot Chris Aniszczyk
Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Native Computing Foundation Vice President, Developer Relations
The Linux Foundation
Erin McKean's headshot Erin McKean
Docs Advocacy Program Manager
Google Open Source Programs Office
April Kyle Nassi's headshot April Kyle Nassi
Google for Games Open Source Strategist